This family loves travelling and taking pictures of every different place they visit around the world, but some of these pictures seem to be having problems. Help Tom, Lupe, Danni, Rafa and the dog Quindim to find the small differences between the pictures, and save the important records of they travel.
The Pamundo’s journey makes your iPad an educational and entertaining game of differences. Tour over the world and learn a little about different cultures of our planet. Guaranteed fun for whole family!
Put the mouse over the characters to know more about the Pamundo Family.
Quindim Thomas (Tom) Pamundo Guadalupe (Lupe) Pamundo Daniela (Danni) Pamundo Rafael (Rafa) Pamundo

See a little of the art and initial sketches of the game.


Here you can find wallpapers for your pc and iPad, and drawings in black and white ready to be printed and colored according to your imagination.